Convert Latitube Longitube to DMS

To convert decimal coordinates to DMS, just enter the latitude and longitude values.

S: South, W: West, E: East, N: North

What is DMS?

DMS stands for "Degrees, Minutes, Seconds." It is a system used to represent geographic coordinates, particularly latitude and longitude, on the Earth's surface. In the DMS format:
  • Degrees (°) represent a full circle of 360 degrees around the Earth's circumference.
  • Minutes (') are subdivisions of a degree, with 60 minutes in one degree.
  • Seconds (") are further subdivisions, with 60 seconds in one minute.
For example, the DMS coordinates for a location might be expressed as "40° 30' 20" N" for latitude and "73° 59' 30" W" for longitude, indicating 40 degrees, 30 minutes, and 20 seconds north of the equator and 73 degrees, 59 minutes, and 30 seconds west of the Prime Meridian. This format provides a precise way to specify a location's coordinates on the Earth's surface.

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