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G Maps Extractor vs BrightData - A Comprehensive Comparison

Updated  1/27/2024

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In today's digital age, geodata has emerged as one of businesses' most important assets. With the correct data, businesses can create geographically specific marketing tactics and gain a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.

However, collecting large data sets can be time-consuming and costly, particularly when done manually. This is where Google Maps scraper tools come into play. Two prominent players in the data extraction arena, G Maps Extractor and BrightData, have been gaining attention.

Let's do a comprehensive comparison to discuss their unique features and help you choose the right Google Map data scraper for your data scraping needs.

G Maps Extractor

G Maps Extractor is a browser extension-based Google Maps scraper created exclusively to scrape Google Maps data. It enables users to search for particular locations and export the results in CSV format. G Maps Extractor scrapes all data locally, which is more secure than cloud scrapping as all your data is processed locally, and no one can access it except you.


  • Google Maps Search Results Extraction: G Maps Extractor allows users to collect search result listings displayed within Google Maps and extract data like name, phone, email, full address, social media, website, and much more.
  • Bulk Mode: For large-scale projects involving numerous queries, G Maps Extractor supports bulk mode operations that process multiple requests simultaneously. This parallel processing significantly reduces overall turnaround time compared to sequential querying.
  • No Captchas: G Maps Extractor’s ability to stimulate human operations eliminates manual interference required to solve image challenges encountered during web scraping processes.
  • No Code Interface: An easy-to-navigate graphical interface streamlines configuration steps and eliminates the need for advanced programming knowledge.


    • Free Plan: 1000 Monthly leads extract
    • Professional Plan: $39/month - 100,000 Monthly leads extract
    • Business Plan: $99/month - 500,000 Monthly leads extract


BrightData is a flexible API service that gives you access to a large network of residential and data center proxies. BrightData allows users to scrape data from any website, even those that ban standard scrapers.

Furthermore, it has additional capabilities like session management, IP rotation, and JavaScript rendering, making it an excellent Google Map data extractor.

Bright data is a great tool, but its API-based scrapper can be a dealbreaker for some. Unlike G Maps Extractor’s extension-based scrapper, Brightdata uses an API core, which you have to incorporate in your pre-existing scraper or use common programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby to send search requests. Further compilating the request.


  • Real-Time Results: BrighData's GoogleMap Scraper API provides accurate and updated data to help businesses stay ahead.
  • Fast Scraping Speed: Scrape data at blazingly fast speed and with an average response time under 5ms.
  • Location Accurate Data: Get location-accurate user data with city-level targeting.
  • Handles High Traffic: BrightData’s API easily handles Large scraping requests, even during peak or high traffic periods.


    • Pay As You Go: No monthly payment - $3/CPM
    • Micro Package: $10 /mo - 5,555 requests - $1.80/CPM
    • Growth Plan: $500 /mo - 217,391 requests - $2.30/CPM
    • Business Plan: $1000 /mo - 492,610 requests - $2.03/CPM


Choosing between G Maps Extractor and BrightData depends largely on your specific needs and goals. If your primary need is a Google Maps scraper and you prefer a simpler, more affordable option, then G Maps Extractor is the better choice. One upper hand that G Map Extractor has over BrightData is its email and social media scraping capabilities. Even at a higher cost, BrightData does not offer any service to scrape social media and email data directly from Google Maps, which can be a dealbreaker for some.

Regardless of your decision, always ensure compliance with relevant laws and terms of service to avoid potential legal ramifications associated with web scraping activities.