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G Maps Extractor vs DataForSEO - Which One Is Better Scraper

Updated  1/27/2024

One click to extract data from Google Maps for free.

Access detailed location data in seconds.

Data-driven marketing strategies empower businesses to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic digital landscape. G Maps Extractor and DataForSEO, the two prominent contenders in this arena, provide you with the in-depth insights necessary to elevate your SEO game.

While G Maps Extractor scraps data from Google Maps, DataForSEO aggregates data from search engines and websites to build marketing solutions.

Let's get into this article and compare G Maps Extractor and DataForSEO features, strengths, weaknesses, and pricing. The detailed insights will guide you toward making an informed decision for elevating your SEO efforts, whether you're a seasoned SEO professional or a business owner exploring optimization avenues.

A Comprehensive Overview: Exploring G Maps Data Extractor

Google Maps Extractor scrapes data from Google Maps into CSV files. The extractor processes data such as name, phone number, email address, social media profile URLs, authoritative websites, domain, full address, street, photos, reviews, average rating, Google Maps URL, keywords, and more.

Features of Google Maps Scrapper are:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of Google Map Scraper makes it easy to scrape data efficiently in CSV/JSON/EXCEL files.
  • No Code Tool: The tool doesn't require any expertise and is easy for beginners to use.
  • Location-Based Data Extraction: The Google Maps scraper extracts location-specific data such as name, address, phone number, and other relevant data.
  • Bulk Keyword Data Tool: The Google Maps Extractor scraps bulk keyword data from Google Maps.
  • Customizable Search Parameters: The G Maps Extractor enables data scraping based on various search categories for targeted information gathering.
  • Bulk Data Extraction: G Maps Extractor enables data scraping in bulk quickly and efficiently based on various search parameters.
  • Easy Integration: The Google Map Extractor easily integrates with tools like Google Drive.

Google Maps Scraper Pricing Plans

Google Maps Scraper is available in three pricing plans.

    • Free: You can extract 1000 monthly leads, basic information, 20 reviews per place, 10 photos per place, free of cost with G Maps Extractor free version.
    • Professional: The Professional plan allows 100,000 monthly leads, 250 reviews per place, and 100 photos extraction for 39 USD/month.
    • Business: The Business plan allows 500,000 monthly leads, 2,500 reviews per place, 1,000 photos, and other additional features for 99 USD/month.

A Detailed Walkthrough: Exploring DataForSEO

DataForSEO offers a wide spectrum of reliable and actionable insights from search engines, review platforms, and other websites for building innovative digital marketing solutions. The DataForSEO Google Maps Scraping API tracks Google Maps rankings with geo-targeting options. You can track rankings of specific regions and zip codes and gain insights into any business featured on Google Maps search results.

Features of DataForSEO are:

  • DataForSEO APIs: The tool provides APIs for SERP, Keyword data, backlinks, domain analytics, on-page, Labs, Business data, merchant, App data, content analysis, and content generation.
  • DataForSEO Databases: The tool provides access to databases that provide a foundation for analysis and decision-making. It includes Google, Bing, Amazon, App Store, Google Play, and Backlink Databases.
  • Access Business Profiles Data: The tool provides Google Business profile data such as updates, reviews, and other information.
  • Google Maps Business Data Scraping: The Google Maps Scraper API provides valuable details featured on Google Maps search results, such as business address, operating hours, and review rating.

DataForSEO Pricing Plans

DataForSEO offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model that enables you to pay for the services you consume. There are transparent pricing options, which are quite pricey for DataForSEO APIs and Databases.

Which One Takes the Crown: G Maps Extractor or DataforSEO?

The selection choice among G Maps Extractor vs. DataForSEO ultimately depends on the users' specific requirements. Google Map Data Scraper is the best fit if you are focused on extracting detailed information from Google Maps for lead generation, sales prospecting, and marketing. On the other hand, DataForSEO offers a wide spectrum of e-commerce and SEO data with higher pricing and a higher threshold for usage to foster market research and e-commerce analytics. It should be noted that G Maps Extractor offers bulk features for scraping Google Maps information from name, phone number, email address to Google Maps URL, ratings, keywords, reviews, and more as compared to DataForSEO Google Maps Scraper API.