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G Maps Extractor vs Outscraper - Choosing The Best

Updated  1/27/2024

One click to extract data from Google Maps for free.

Access detailed location data in seconds.

Software developed to extract data from Google Maps is known as a Google Map Scrapper. These tools enable users to gather essential information from the Google Maps platform, including business listings, addresses, and contact details.

To help you select the best scraper, we present a comparison of the two most prominent tools, G Maps Extractor and Outscraper. We will compare them on different aspects and help you decide which is the best map scraper that perfectly suits your needs.

G Maps Extractor

G Maps Extractor is a browser extension crafted specifically to scrape data out of Google Maps. Individuals or businesses can use this Google Map data extractor to search for certain specific places and export the CSV/JSON/XLSX format of the results.

Features of Google Maps Scraper:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Effective data scraping from CSV files is made simple by Google Map Scraper's user-friendly interface.
  • No Code Tool: The tool is simple to use and doesn't require any prior programming knowledge.
  • Location-Based Data Extraction: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information particular to a certain location are extracted by the Google Maps scraper.
  • Bulk Keyword Data Tool: Google Maps Extractor is a tool for extracting bulk keyword data from Google Maps.
  • Customizable Search Parameters: For focused information collection, the G Maps Extractor allows data scraping based on different search categories.
  • Bulk Data Extraction: Using a variety of search parameters, G Maps Extractor makes it possible to swiftly and effectively extract data in bulk.
  • Simple Integration: Google Map Extractor interfaces with with Google Drive and save google data to Google Sheets with ease.

G Maps Scraper Pricing Plans

There are a total of three pricing plans available in G Maps Scraper, and the following are the features they have to offer:

Free: The free plan allows you to extract 1000 leads a month and basic information. Also, this tool acts like a Google Photos scraper.

Professional: For 39 USD per month, the Professional plan offers scrapping of 100,000 monthly leads.

Business: For 99 USD per month, the Business plan offers scrapping of 500,000 monthly leads, and other benefits.

Note: G Maps Scraper does not puts a limit on the total number of locations for scraping reviews/photos, only a limit on the maximum number of scrapes per individual location.


Outscraper helps you gather and arrange location-based data with ease by directly pulling locations from Google Maps and exporting them as useful CSV, Excel, or JSON file formats.

Features of Outscraper

Lead Generation: The insights provided by the tool enable you to discover and target potential prospects more successfully.

Real-Time Data: The data you obtain from the tool's state-of-the-art technology is real-time.

Limitless Speed: Outscraper's fundamental technology is built to handle millions of tasks at once effectively.

Outscraper Pricing

The pricing plans offered by this Google Maps scraper are a little different than usual. Instead of offering the price per month, they offer the price on the basis of records.

    • Free Tier: Outscraper offers free service for the first 500 records.
    • Medium Tier: Once you cross the limit of 500 records, you’ll be required to pay $2 per 1000 records for the next 501 to 100k records.
    • Business Tier: After the 100k businesses, the tool will require $1 per 1000 records.

G Maps Extractor vs Outscraper: Per Record Comparison

To help you make a better decision, let’s give a clear perspective on the pricing of both tools. Since the price plan provided by Outscraper is based on records, we will compare the per-record price of both tools.

When you choose the professional plan of G Map Scrapper, the per-record price you will pay will be $0.00039. With the business plan, you pay around $0.000198.

When we talk about Outscraper, when you cross the limit of 500 records, you pay $0.002 per record till 100k records. After crossing the 100k record limit, you pay $0.001 per record.

Note: The $0.001 charge you pay would only be implemented for the records after 100k. Any record that falls between the limit of 501 and 100k will be charged $0.002.

Wrapping it Up!

G Maps Extractor stands out as the superior choice for a Google Maps scraper, offering precise location data, versatile bulk management, and efficient no-code extraction. Its customizable searches and seamless integration with Google Drive enhance user experience. Moreover, when evaluating the cost per record, G Maps Extractor's pricing plans prove more economical. This factor, combined with its robust features, positions G Maps Extractor as the preferred option for users looking for accuracy, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in their Google Maps scraping endeavors.