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How to find Google place Id ?

Updated  12/7/2022

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Google Maps has place IDs of different places including businesses, parks, and restaurants. These ids are unique references to specific places on Google Maps.

There are a lot of reasons why a person may need to find a Google place ID. A general way to find Google Place ID is Google place ID Finder but by using an efficient Google Map Scraper you can find place IDs in bulk.

The given articles provide you guidelines about how you can find Google place ID by using two different methods without putting in a lot of effort and time.

What is a Google Place ID?
We can define a Google Place ID as a textual identifier that is used to identify a specific place including parks, businesses, parks, businesses, intersections, and landmarks. Every place has its unique Google place ID in other words Google does not reuse the Place IDs. There is no limit to the length of the place ID and it can vary.

How to Find Google Place ID?
If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to find Google place IDs then the describe two methods can be useful for you.

Method # 1. By Using Place ID Finder for Google Maps
A place ID finder is an online tool that allows you to find a place by using an address. When you search for a place ID on it, it will attach a marker on the map for the place and show the place ID in the info window. You will also find out place CID, Google Map reviews, and much more on the info window.

Step by step guideline

Step 1. First of all, you need to install the extension of Place Id Finder for Google Maps in your browser.

You can download   Place Id Finder on Chrome Web Store.

Step 2. After adding the extension to your browser, just click on the search button to find the place id.

Method # 2. By using Google Maps Scraper
A Google maps scraper can help you to extract useful data from Google Maps and export it to a CSV file. The file that you will get after using the Google Maps scrapper contains a variety of information about the places including the place ID.

Whether you work in a local SEO or you need to find your Google map id, a Google map scraper can be a good option. Additionally, you can find multiple Google place IDs by one extraction.

Step by step guideline

Step 1. Install the Google Map Extractor extension to your browser and sign in with your Google account.

You can follow the guide to install Google Maps Extractor.
How to Install G Maps Extractor Chrome Extension Manually ?

Step 2. After the sign up click on the open Google map button.

Step 3. Once the Google map is open enter the desired keywords and hit the start extracting option.

Step 4. Wait until the extraction is done. Download the file and here you will find different data about the places you have searched including the Google place IDs.

Ending Remarks
It can be confusing and frustrating to find Google place ID but you can do it easily and quickly by using an efficient tool. The given article describes how you can find Google place ID easily by using a Google place ID finder and a Google map extractor.